1936 Greenwood Giants.

Giants Team

Tom Ferrick as a member of the Brooklyn Bushwicks(Semi-Pro).

Tom Ferrick

Bob Carpenter as a member of the New York Giants.

Bob Carpenter

Clarence 'Clary' Anderson at New York Giants spring training camp, Pensacola,Florida, February 1936.

Clarence Anderson

Photo postcard of Clem Dreisewerd.

Clem Dreisewerd

Hank Deberry, as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Hank Deberry

Howie Moss as a member of the Bainbridge, MD Navy team.

"Howitzer" Howie Moss

Frank Brazil as a member of the Philadelphia Athletics.

Frank Brazil

Wire photo of John Meketi.

John Meketi

Wire photo of Ted Duay.

Ted Duay

Photo of Frank Miller

Frank Miller

Yarewick as a member of the Giants.

Bill Yarewick

Dino Chiozza as a member of the 1935 Philadelphia Phillies.

Dino Chiazzo

Giants catchers?

Miscellaneous Giants

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